Save Our Planet (75 Ways To Save The Earth)

Tips Spread this to everyone you meet. Indeed spineless tongue, talking is easier than doing it. And without much talking actually we can all take part in the effort to preserve the environment
1. Do not use electricity for lighting or appliances unless you’re bnar being used, if not using it turn it off!
2. Using luorescent light (fluorescent) that are energy efficient.
3. Use lighting, power plants, units of solar powered heating.
4. Take advantage of more natural light illumination.
5. Use of structural ventilation for indoor air instead of using Air Condition (AC)
6. Use cold water, not hot water.
7. Make sure the electric-powered appliances remain efficient and well maintained
8. Lighting control, automatic air conditioning equipment, eg by means of a light sensor
9. Use the tools pematul light to replace lamps.
10. Use glass or Rayban film coating to reduce solar heat.
11. Plant as many plants in your garden mungin to reduce karbondiosida.
12. Do not burn anything, even cigarettes.
13. Complete your car or motorcycle with a catalyst.
14. If you stop the vehicle in a no time, do not turn off your engine.
15. Reduce default on your vehicle to reduce the burden, even pulled a pencil from kendaraanpun will help.
16. Do not throw away anything that can be recycled, such as aluminum cans and paper. Save and give scavengers for resale.
17. Minimize the use of styrofoam (synthetic cork) to wrap food.
18. Check and double check if you are using aerosol, paint, air conditioning, if it contains chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
19. Do not buy any items disposed of after use, if any type of goods that can be purchased as a long term investment.
20. Buy products that you like so that the product does not need to be changed until it is completely broken and can not be used again.
21. Try not to have goods that only have aesthetic value alone.
22. Be careful with the plastic items you buy as there are several types of plastics can not be recycled.
23. Bring your own bags if you want to shop made of cloth or canvas to reduce plastic products.
24. Tell someone if you see trash in vain.
25. Never cut or cut plants because plants help save the earth.
26. Sirami your garden with rain water, for rain-fed systems.
27. Use water sparingly for washing vehicles and watering your garden.
28. Separate waste that can be recycled and not.
29. Do not throw garbage into drains, water canal, river and sea.
30. Do not use detergent materials, especially chemicals and cleaning materials that contain phosphate.
31. Wear chemical substitutes in the home eg lemon juice mixed with salt, vinegar and ammonia.
32. Do not use more water than you need.
33. If possible, water recycling.
34. Do not use water to clean the yard if it can be cleaned with a broom.
35. Make sure that the tap works well and use low flow shower.
36. Check the rinse toilets are in good condition to avoid unnecessary flushing.
37. Save the excess water and washing machine to wash your car.
38. Get used to drinking water with no water left in the glass.
39. Do not travel unless you have to.
40. Do not travel by private vehicle, unless you absolutely HAVE.
41. Use public transportation to reduce congestion, carbon monoxide and parking fees.
42. Use your bike, if the distance is relatively close.
43. Use lead-free fuel (unleaded fuel)
44. Use low-octane fuel.
45. Convert your engine to use compressed natural gas.
46. Caring machine regularly.
47. Choose a vehicle that uses the least fuel efficient.
48. If you want to print (nge-print) first check the print settings, use the draft to save ink printing.
49. Use behind the paper that has been used for internal needs.
50. Do not use pictures that are not needed in a post, because images require more ink.
51. Select the type and size of a standard letter.
52. Do not use fertilizers that contain chemicals or misuse of pesticides.
53. Use of chemicals for crop herbicides and fungicides as efficiently as possible.
54. Begin planting plants with hydroponics techniques (grown without the use of soil and only enough nutrients in the water.
55. For the merchant, do not turn on the tools that come with noise, except to give a demonstration to consumers.
56. Avoiding background music in places of public.
57. Do not operate the equipment at peak hours of rest.
58. Avoid loud music and, thus blurring the announcement that matters.
59. Make sure that the equipment is completely soundproofed and serviced to minimize noise.
60. Wear earmuffs when working on the engine sound noisy.
61. Ensure that the product yag noise sound as small as possible or isolated.
62. Use musical instruments at a reasonable level and no sound was deafening.
63. Do not stick posters, organizational attributes or things that smell promotion in the wall or walls in public areas.
64. Avoid mounting bookmark marks or signs more than one so that people do not dibingungan with the sign.
65. Install a billboard or billboards at the level of reasonableness.
66. Do not build factories cause pollution in residential areas.
67. Ensure that adequate infrastructure for the disposal of all waste.
68. Minimize the level of toxic fumes and wastewater rates.
69. Find information from the government about air and water pollution standards are acceptable.
70. Use the least amount of fuel that causes pollution.
71. Use cleaners or anti-pollution technology is there to keep your processing plant to be clean.
72. Avoid the use of toxic materials, unless it is really necessary at all.
73. Do not plant toxic waste without expert advice.
74. Do not dump toxic waste outside your plant.
75. Do not burn industrial waste in the open. (Various Sources)
Whatever you do and whatever you buy, think about whether you are destroying our environment?

Never Silent Earth

Alfred Wegener theory says that the Earth’s crust is constantly moving and moving. As the raft like. One of the strongest arguments Wagener is that both forms of contiguous coastline next to the South Atlantic Ocean (America and South Africa) can be matched. Geological circumstances contiguous area located next to the Atlantic Ocean can be followed and correlated from one coast to coast across the ocean.

This fact makes Wagener estimates that during the past 200 million years ago on Earth there is only one vast land that became the origin of all land on Earth in the present moment. Land was called Pangaea.

At that time, mainland Africa and South America still trailer into one. While North America becomes one with mainland Europe / Asia, located on the north the Earth, and to the south is mainland Africa and Antarctica. Australian continent was still attached to one of Antarctica. What is special too, is the land that became known as India, it is located far from Asia but close to Antarctica.

Twenty million years later there was a terrible incident and the changes that cause the land cracks forming loose parts that move themselves away from each other. Map of the Earth has changed. Land divided into two major parts, which in the south is called Gondwana, while those in the north called Laurasia. Land that is now the Europe / Asia shifted to the north. South America which was originally to be one with Africa and North America with the European one started off and headed West. The changes are much greater that occurred at 180 million next year, a change that shaped the face of the Earth as it is today. North and South met and became a land separated from Europe and Africa. Along with it was born precisely of the Atlantic. India’s move on to the North after a distance of 9,000 kilometers, eventually met and became one with the mainland of Asia. Merger events gave birth to the Himalayas also known as the roof of the world. Similarly, the further away from the Australian mainland Antarctica and instead getting closer to Asia.

With that shift, was born Indonesian Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Mainland Europe and Asia remained one. African-torn eastern part bear little island of Madagascar. While Antarctica seems to not move from its place. Wagener opinion which supposes the Earth as moving on a conveyor belt supported later by new theories known as plate tectonics. The surface of the Earth consists of several large-sized continental plates, each consisting of the continental oseanis and move relative to one another, each plate thickness of approximately 80 kilometers.

The speed of the relative motion of these plates range from 1 to 13 centimeters per year. These plates can move because of the hot interior of the Earth that causes the current convention on the surface appear as horizontal displacement. Litosfera outer skin consisting of a cooler, strong, and tough with a thickness ranging from 80 to 100 kilometers envelops parts of the earth that is more hot, mushy, and liquid clay.

The new Litosfera formed under mid-ocean ridge, where the substance of the mantle heat rising from the earth to the surface. These materials are spread out and cooled off, move to the side and the next process is the destruction of litosfera oseanis older, colder, and solid in subduction zones when these materials nosedive and sink back into the mantle.

Litosfera oseanis which is nearly 70 pedestal earth is the top of the cold convection currents. Litosfera is cooled, contracted into a thick and has decreased while moving sideways toward subduction zones. While the continent is a continent or chemical segregation produced by fractionation coat, was eroded to the extent of sea surface and freezes on the litosfera. And as massive blocks equitable is transported by the “conveyor belt”, then broken apart by the motions of the pull and move in different directions. On that basis then suspected that the most likely people in the days to come the Antarctic continent remains in place today, but it might spin like clockwork.

The oceans of the Atlantic and Indonesia will spread more widely. Mainland Australia will move further to the North. While Africa will lose the tiles to form a new Madagascar-Madagascar. Most of California is released and goes to the northwest. Los Angeles will sink. While the archipelago will be squeezed by the movement of the continent of Australia to the north, and is not likely to hit the continent of Asia.

Solar energy – energy unconventional

Invention and use of new sources of non-conventional energy is the need of the hour. As we all know, are the conventional energy sources in limited quantities and they will one day cease completely. Due to the shortage of conventional energy resources, their costs are also reaching to heaven, and they are not always affordable. We still have a little time to reflect on the non-conventional energy sources and put them into practice in our daily life. Solar power system is one such option which can be used as an alternative to oil or gas energy resources. Sunlight is abundant in many parts of the world for free. Thus, you can think about the conversion of sunlight as energy bulbs or vehicles may be used on the roads. We are all solar energy in one form or another, but we do not know much. Many people are not aware of when and how first solar panel was created to obtain electricity from sunlight. Lets discuss some points in the history of the use of solar energy.

The proof is that the use of solar energy is first in Egypt. The architecture of the houses pyramid in Egypt. They were actually necessary to keep the heat out of their homes. Thus, their houses were brick thick to keep the house external insulation. The top window is made such that the excess heat from the house can be omitted and the desired temperature can be maintained inside. The ancient Greeks understood to maximize solar energy to cool their homes during the day and warm at night. First Solar motor was created by Auguste Mouchout in 1861. It was actually a steam engine used to run solar energy. In these times, steam engines used coal as fuel in coal race track and available in limited quantities and will be used until a day. While Einstein was created in 1921, a solar cell and solar energy produced from this cell. He also won a Nobel Peace Prize for this search.

In 1960, solar cells were also known as solar cells. Solar panels are made from a collection of solar cells used on satellites and rockets to generate solar power for internal operation of the satellite. Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel is supposed to invent the first solar cell. But credit should be equal. For the group of researchers at Bell Labs The first solar panels efficiency was only one percent, and the creation of such a group was very expensive. It was virtually impossible to use solar panels in normal use. After this first invention, many scientists began the routine life of the solar energy can be used. Clarence Kemp invented a water heater which worked solar energy and has also received a patent for this invention.

Selecting one of the best astronomical telescopes

Depending on your needs to decide what would be the largest telescope could be chosen for you. Everyone has their own opinion on what they think looks the perfect telescope. Some people suggest that the telescopes that money have the best price because of all the opportunities that they are included. To ensure, to the extent this is true, however, a number of the most expensive perhaps too difficult to use for a beginner, it may be difficult for them to take the pleasure of dealing with them. Think about the fact that telescopes. More acceptable to certain age groups Telescopes could be discovered for each child and adult.

There are two different types of telescopes, you can choose from. They need to know how to work with these two varieties to provide assistance to refine your search to buy that telescope. The main type of telescope, which must be mentioned, as refractor telescope. Refractor telescopes are the type that most people take note of when they think of a telescope used by most men. The telescope is a long tube that works in a manner similar to the twins.

People usually choose the lens telescope so they are easier to handle and maintain. This is the best type of telescope for young people and because they are easier to take care of purchase. If you need to first buy a telescope on your child, you want to make sure they know how to use it the right way, and after the first time, they show that it is able to manage yourself. If you do not intend to spend 1000 dollars on a non telescope, and later perhaps buy a small refractor telescope due to the greater will be the price of so many things.

Reflecting telescopes, the second type of telescope that you just might be considering buying. Reflecting telescopes use mirrors. With soft contact lenses as a substitute for observation of distant objects These telescopes were created after the telescope on the 1600th The first who did were not very good quality so that they do not work very well. But with the advancement of technology, we now have these days is the new and improved levels of superior quality, which are used in reflecting telescopes.

Reflector telescopes are used for purposes other developed countries, and are primarily intended for those who have used professional astronomy research. People love the fact that there is a large amount of coverage, with reflector telescopes that you can not find in the refractors. This opening allows professionals and other advanced clients the opportunity to see the photos are clearer and more.

You will be able to look totally different telescopes online. Searching online is probably the best way to go, as you can see the almost infinite possibilities of different telescopes, which may be present. Shopping online for discounts on quality telescopes will help you make sure you. Just the perfect.