Top 15 reasons why you should switch to WordPress

WordPress is one of the most widely used in CMS Web these days. WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform in competition with bloggers. WordPress is now not only a blogging engine, but a comprehensive content management, which can do much more than designers and developers think. The availability of thousands of plug-ins makes the life of web developers easier and reduces the cost of doing business. Continue reading “Top 15 reasons why you should switch to WordPress”

CAD design software that you can count on

Computer-aided design can be a complicated business, especially if you have several tools that you need to do to get the job done. To save time and improve efficiency, it is far better to make a lot of computer-aided design unique everything, no matter what industry you are in. wire 14 is the ideal solution when it comes to CAD software design. Whether you work for engineering, energy and aviation, Canvas 14 offers a professional solution with outstanding results and user-friendly features. In one use, you have everything you need for the most complex tasks performed. Continue reading “CAD design software that you can count on”

Abhi Talwalkar taken as high-tech companies Slump in surplus

If CEO Abhi Talwalkar, LSI Corporation was founded in 2005 and was the company with many challenges. LSI was in a slump at the time. Shortly after the economic downturn, it is difficult to meet almost any business. Things improve when the investor according to a recent article in institutions. Online publication explains how these data and networking solutions provider for one year growth of 9 percent of sales, climbing to $ 2,040,000,000 th manages Apparently, the data are a good deal at the moment, at least for those who have a solid business plan and the resources to make it happen. How it has nothing new CEO? Continue reading “Abhi Talwalkar taken as high-tech companies Slump in surplus”

Deleted data with Recover Files after Format

Loss of important data from your computer can be very stressful. Whether it’s a family album precious photo or something for work or school, you’ll probably want to find out what you have lost. There are several ways you can lose data from your computer and some of them can be completely out of your control. Sometimes people have forgotten empty the trash they put important files in it. Continue reading “Deleted data with Recover Files after Format”

Samsung vs Apple iPad Tablet

The tablet is booming worldwide with different products and services, and if you are planning to buy now one of these amazing technological advances, it may be quite difficult to determine which one to choose. While you will be offered several options 1,000,001 at any time where the time there are 2 or 3 above real online products, which have caused a lot of attention from customers – iPad and Samsung tablet line . Fight for both the world of tablets and smartphone in the world for the first place, this contest was nothing more than a heated boost for consumers everywhere. As they take on more of the attributes and push technology increasingly seek to gain market share, we are the real winners because we get the best benefits of tablets. Here is a quick breakdown of the two tablets leading manufacturer, so you can make the best decisions possible.
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Disease Diagnosis Without Pain with Laser Technology

Lasers are not causing pain to detect early symptoms of the disease.

Laser beam generating tools that do not cause pain and are easy to carry may soon replace X-rays in the diagnosis of disease by non-invasive (does not enter the body by injection or surgery).

The researchers say that the technology could be available within five years overall.

The method is called Rasman spectroscopy may help find early symptoms of breast cancer, osteoporosis and tooth decomposition.

The scientists believe that these technologies will make the process of diagnosing the disease faster, cheaper and more accurate.

Raman spectroscopy is the measurement of the intensity and wavelength of light scattered molecules.

The method is already used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. For example, Raman lasers are used to measure flame characteristics. By studying how the fuel burns can minimize pollution from burning.

Michael Morris, who is a professor at the University of Michigan USA Raman has been used for several years to study human bones.

During this time he used it on the bodies that are no longer alive, but he says that Raman could prove effective in patients who are still alive.

“You can replace many diagnostic procedures that exist today. Magnitude advantage is that the method is non-invasive, faster than classical procedures and more accurate,” he said, as quoted by the BBC.

When someone is sick, or will soon be sick, a mixture of chemicals in tissues / Kleenex (biological terms associated with cells) is somewhat different from the healthy tissue, the scientists said. Thus, the Raman spectrum changes depending on which network analyzes, according to the explanation of Professor Morris.

Raman provides a molecular fingerprint that is the composition of what is measured, “he explained.

“In times of illness, chemical composition somewhat normal or abnormal highly dependent on the disease.”

Non Invasive

Diagnoses can be done in minutes and without X-rays.

“A patient’s wrist just put his hand on the table then there is an optical fiber that delivers laser light that is connected by means of a kind bracelet made of silicon mounted on a patient’s wrist,” Professor Morris said.

“We turn on the laser and after collecting enough signal in a few minutes, we turn off the laser. Basically, it will take a few seconds to interpret the results.”

In addition to bone diseases, such tools may be effective detects early tooth decay, the researchers said.

Blood sampling was probably not necessary in certain cases. For example, to determine the level of cholesterol, one only needs to steer the laser “to the part that is usually used to take the blood samples into the crook of the arm which is where the blood vessels closest to the skin,” says Morris.

New Applications

Other applications can use as an alternative non-invasive Raman of mammography general is a process that uses low-dose X-rays to detect breast cancer symptoms.

Laser will “see” into the network and the distribution of different spectra emit colors reflecting differences in the properties of the network.

Researchers in the United Kingdom at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Didcot and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital have been using Raman to analyze calcifications in breast tissue that may be early symptoms of breast cancer.

“We can target calcification-calcification and decide whether they are benign or malignant,” said Nicholas Stone, head of the research unit biofotonik at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital told reporters magazine Chemical and Engineering News.

“If the calcification-calcification were malignant or inclined that way, you will come back to do a biopsy. If calcification-calcification are benign, the percentage of cases about 80 to 90%, you will not be coming back to do a biopsy.”

“In the UK alone, it would prevent 80,000 patients to perform additional procedures.”