Disease Diagnosis Without Pain with Laser Technology

Lasers are not causing pain to detect early symptoms of the disease.

Laser beam generating tools that do not cause pain and are easy to carry may soon replace X-rays in the diagnosis of disease by non-invasive (does not enter the body by injection or surgery).

The researchers say that the technology could be available within five years overall.

The method is called Rasman spectroscopy may help find early symptoms of breast cancer, osteoporosis and tooth decomposition.

The scientists believe that these technologies will make the process of diagnosing the disease faster, cheaper and more accurate.

Raman spectroscopy is the measurement of the intensity and wavelength of light scattered molecules.

The method is already used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. For example, Raman lasers are used to measure flame characteristics. By studying how the fuel burns can minimize pollution from burning.

Michael Morris, who is a professor at the University of Michigan USA Raman has been used for several years to study human bones.

During this time he used it on the bodies that are no longer alive, but he says that Raman could prove effective in patients who are still alive.

“You can replace many diagnostic procedures that exist today. Magnitude advantage is that the method is non-invasive, faster than classical procedures and more accurate,” he said, as quoted by the BBC.

When someone is sick, or will soon be sick, a mixture of chemicals in tissues / Kleenex (biological terms associated with cells) is somewhat different from the healthy tissue, the scientists said. Thus, the Raman spectrum changes depending on which network analyzes, according to the explanation of Professor Morris.

Raman provides a molecular fingerprint that is the composition of what is measured, “he explained.

“In times of illness, chemical composition somewhat normal or abnormal highly dependent on the disease.”

Non Invasive

Diagnoses can be done in minutes and without X-rays.

“A patient’s wrist just put his hand on the table then there is an optical fiber that delivers laser light that is connected by means of a kind bracelet made of silicon mounted on a patient’s wrist,” Professor Morris said.

“We turn on the laser and after collecting enough signal in a few minutes, we turn off the laser. Basically, it will take a few seconds to interpret the results.”

In addition to bone diseases, such tools may be effective detects early tooth decay, the researchers said.

Blood sampling was probably not necessary in certain cases. For example, to determine the level of cholesterol, one only needs to steer the laser “to the part that is usually used to take the blood samples into the crook of the arm which is where the blood vessels closest to the skin,” says Morris.

New Applications

Other applications can use as an alternative non-invasive Raman of mammography general is a process that uses low-dose X-rays to detect breast cancer symptoms.

Laser will “see” into the network and the distribution of different spectra emit colors reflecting differences in the properties of the network.

Researchers in the United Kingdom at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Didcot and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital have been using Raman to analyze calcifications in breast tissue that may be early symptoms of breast cancer.

“We can target calcification-calcification and decide whether they are benign or malignant,” said Nicholas Stone, head of the research unit biofotonik at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital told reporters magazine Chemical and Engineering News.

“If the calcification-calcification were malignant or inclined that way, you will come back to do a biopsy. If calcification-calcification are benign, the percentage of cases about 80 to 90%, you will not be coming back to do a biopsy.”

“In the UK alone, it would prevent 80,000 patients to perform additional procedures.”

Factors to consider in the process of transporting vehicles Hold

It is good if you remember that there are slight variations from time to time which are given by the auto transport company to clarify. These problems can result from unexpected changes or problems with circulation.

If you work with the auto transport company that you need for tolerance and planning. If you have received this, then I can assure you that you want. Certainly an unforgettable experience and excellent with the auto transport company is essential and very important to you, remember that you have a record of every transaction that you are dealing with car transport companies. For example, the example at the beginning ask most of the auto transport company from 25 to 50% of the total amount as an advance, it is important that you have proof of this file, if you have a payment credit card, it is in itself. subject is always important to keep proof of the theorem, in order to avoid problems in the later stage.
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Natural Pet Care – Holistic treatments for your pet

Natural pet care is composed of a series of segments holistic treatment with the basic message is, look at the big picture on how to achieve both short and long term health. This approach to natural pet care takes into account factors such as whether your pet has proper nutrition in order to determine whether certain factors could affect your stress contribute pets, and whether environmental toxins could illness or disease.

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Wary of The Dangerous Toys For Kids

Child who does not like toys? All the kids would love it, and you as a parent who loves your child, would want to buy toys to please her, because to see him play and cheerful, there was a sense of excitement and happiness in your heart.

But, you also need to be smart in deciding and buying toys for your child, one with a wary toys that are harmful to your child. How? Let us describe further!

1. Buy Educational Toys
Children tend to prefer a sophisticated toy with the latest technology he saw at a toy store or a television show.
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Knowing the Causes of Infant Birth Defects

According to the study, the number of babies born with disabilities each year has increased. Indeed, there is no any parents who want their babies born with disabilities. This certainly must be considered since pregnant women, because it is deformed babies when in the womb do not have signs.

There are a few things to know to cause birth defects. Among them:

• Consumption of drugs. The use of many kinds of drugs while pregnant
it is rather dangerous to the fetus. At the hospital pregnant, you should immediately consult a doctor to ensure what and of course pain can be directly addressed.
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Selecting one of the best astronomical telescopes

Depending on your needs to decide what would be the largest telescope could be chosen for you. Everyone has their own opinion on what they think looks the perfect telescope. Some people suggest that the telescopes that money have the best price because of all the opportunities that they are included. To ensure, to the extent this is true, however, a number of the most expensive perhaps too difficult to use for a beginner, it may be difficult for them to take the pleasure of dealing with them. Think about the fact that telescopes. More acceptable to certain age groups Telescopes could be discovered for each child and adult.

There are two different types of telescopes, you can choose from. They need to know how to work with these two varieties to provide assistance to refine your search to buy that telescope. The main type of telescope, which must be mentioned, as refractor telescope. Refractor telescopes are the type that most people take note of when they think of a telescope used by most men. The telescope is a long tube that works in a manner similar to the twins.

People usually choose the lens telescope so they are easier to handle and maintain. This is the best type of telescope for young people and because they are easier to take care of purchase. If you need to first buy a telescope on your child, you want to make sure they know how to use it the right way, and after the first time, they show that it is able to manage yourself. If you do not intend to spend 1000 dollars on a non telescope, and later perhaps buy a small refractor telescope due to the greater will be the price of so many things.

Reflecting telescopes, the second type of telescope that you just might be considering buying. Reflecting telescopes use mirrors. With soft contact lenses as a substitute for observation of distant objects These telescopes were created after the telescope on the 1600th The first who did were not very good quality so that they do not work very well. But with the advancement of technology, we now have these days is the new and improved levels of superior quality, which are used in reflecting telescopes.

Reflector telescopes are used for purposes other developed countries, and are primarily intended for those who have used professional astronomy research. People love the fact that there is a large amount of coverage, with reflector telescopes that you can not find in the refractors. This opening allows professionals and other advanced clients the opportunity to see the photos are clearer and more.

You will be able to look totally different telescopes online. Searching online is probably the best way to go, as you can see the almost infinite possibilities of different telescopes, which may be present. Shopping online for discounts on quality telescopes will help you make sure you. Just the perfect.

Find Discount Pet Supplies and enjoy shopping!

This is a person to be “natural animals and have a taste for it. Who could resist them? They are affectionate and they are the best companions a person can have. They are even better because they do not support you and be bored. the fact is that we have with them most of the time, people think as a family, and it never feed the other hand, with the mouths of others. It’s just that the world is experiencing recession and many businesses suffer so they should be issuing price of products and services, they are trying to increase. But there are also stores that could offer low prices, and you would certainly like discount pet supplies.
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Educate Baby With Religion

You must be very happy when you are given a fortune descent. It is a very big responsibility for parents because they have to be able to educate your children properly. Religion is to be introduced to your child from a very early age.

Religion became the foundation of life and every insane childhood, you can begin to introduce religion you believe. Even many women who have started baby with religious students from pregnancy periods. How?
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Sakinah Family Forming

Entering a new world for a new partner, or better known as the new bride is indeed a joyous. But not without difficulty. From the first step to the altar, everything is going to feel different. Apart from dependence on parents, friends, relatives, and then try to live with other people who may have never known before.

All this requires special preparation (although already know), so as not to get caught in a dilemma that can bring household regret later on. Among the preparations that must be made by the new partner will ship sailed home:
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Different aspects of a heavy equipment transport company

To ensure that the goods are transported safely, you can use the services of a specialized company. Services heavy equipment in the case of heavy industries such as construction necessary. It is part of the logistics of most industries where equipment and materials must be transported from one place to another. These are multi-ton shipments that are transported over long distances.

Heavy lifting and transport services are provided by specialist companies who provided a complete fleet available and can also arrange for cargo ships and trains and a network covering the whole country. This means that they organize for the transfer of goods and heavy equipment anywhere. The transport of these goods without proper insurance is a risky business. It calls for an insurance measure, the trucking company is perfect. For example, if a truck with hazardous materials, it must be covered by adequate protection. Continue reading “Different aspects of a heavy equipment transport company”